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What our clients say about the RSA Course...


"I found the e- learning RSA Programme very educational and will give both the bartender and Manger / Owner 'food for thought' making them more aware of the day to day events in the Licensed Trade Industry. I would hope in the future that the RSA Certificate would be a mandatory requirement for all employees who service alcoholic beverages both on - off trade. Also after 5 years, the RSA Certificate would be 'out of date' and need renewing by taking a refresher course plus exam keeping the employee up to date with any new Licensing Laws that may have been passed during that period of time." Elizabeth Fox, Hospitality Lecturer,GMIT



"A really informative course with lots of advice on how to avoid putting owners and staff in

difficult situations. The House Rules Templates are a great help too.

Anonymous, RSA Online Training



"At a wedding during the summer, several tables had a kitty going so large rounds were being

ordered.  A junior barman was asked for a round of shots. At the time he was unsupervised as

it was very busy. Cautiously he refused the round of shots and the guest was very angry. When

the supervisor returned, he realised that this could have potentially been a dangerous situation and was impressed with the junior bartenders confidence and good judgement. The junior bartender claims that the RSA training he received a few weeks previously had taught him about his personal responsibilities, the law in relation to intoxication.

The GM and owners say that there are so many similar situations and they feel that the RSA training has made a significant difference in staff confidence, handling difficult situations and avoiding legal problems."

Niall Flynn GM Glasson (and the Reid Family), Glasson Country House Hotel


“The RSA programme is practical and well presented. It has helped staff at all levels to think for themselves, make positive decisions and develop confidence in dealing with difficult customers and situations.”

Derry O'Regan, The Village Bar, Douglas







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