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Festivals & Events

SmartServe Events® Workshop


SmartServe Events® is an 1 hour on-site workshop specifically aimed at staff working at festivals or events.


Who Should Attend?


  • Promoters/ License Holders

  • Managers

  • Bar Staff

  • Floor Staff

  • Security Staff


What does SmartServe cover?


The Programme provides participants with the knowledge and confidence to handle difficult situations surrounding the service of alcohol and most importantly to deal with customers in a safe and lawful manner.


The Alcohol Marketing, Communications and Sponsorship Code of Practice states that from Oct 2008;

'Where there is an alcohol brand sponsor, the sponsor will insist upon all bar management completing Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) training. In addition all bar servers will be briefed on their Responsible Serving obligations.'

SmartServe training is available (on-site or online) for all staff serving at events where there is an alcohol brand sponsor.

Following SmartServe training, an official Alcohol Policy document is issued for display at each area where alcohol is served.


Course Content:        


  • Intoxicating Liquor Act 2003

  • Prevention of alcohol sales to under 18s/ Age Card

  • Refusal to serve alcohol to intoxicated customers

  • Handling difficult people & situations

  • Staying in Control - Developing a House Policy

  • Facts about alcohol and its effects on the body

  • Your Responsibilities – Techniques on Monitoring your Bar Area


Workshop Cost


The cost of training is €600 per group. Up to 50 staff members can be trained on-site.

"The SmartServe is a briefing specifically for bar staff working at events. This one hour programme provides a brief outline of Responsible Serving obligations."


The Alcohol Marketing, Communications and Sponsorship Code of Practice

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