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Responsible Retailling of Alcohol training course recommended for all staff working on a mixed trade premises eg: Shop, Off-License, Petrol Station, Speciality Food Shop, Independant Newsagent or Supermarket. Training takes 90 minutes to complete on-line

RSA Training


Serving of Alcohol training course recommended for all staff working on a licensed premises eg: Pub, Hotel, Restaurant, Private Event, Alcohol Promotion. Training takes 90 minutes on-line or 3 hours on-site (groups of up to 20 max) 


Drug Awareness on a License Premises training course specifically designed for pubs, clubs and hotels, venues which are considered ‘high risk’ areas in relation to the attraction of drug users and drug dealers


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A special adaptation of the RSA workshop tailored to staff working at festivals and events, ensuring compliance with the Alcohol Marketing, Communications and Sponsorship Code of Practice



Welcome is an independently owned training organisation operating since 1999.


We specialise in training and education in the service, sale and consumption of Alcohol. Owners, managers and staff of Irish Licensed Premises benefit from our Responsible Serving of Alcohol and Responsible Retailing of Alcohol Training courses. Staff working at festivals and events benefit from our SmartServe programme.


SmartServe® and the RSA Programme Ireland® are supported by Failte Ireland, An Garda Siochana and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.


All our training courses offer the most up to date information for participants including latest legislation and advice on the development of safety policies and procedures. We help to build confidence when handling difficult situations and making choices in relation to the sale, service and consumption of alcohol.


                                                                               Our dedicated team of trainers deliver

                                                                               in-house and external workshops and

                                                                               have trained over 17,000 participants 

                                                                               nationwide. Company director Mary Kennedy                                                                                developed Ireland’s official RSA Programme in

                                                                               conjunction with the Department of Health in

                                                                               1999. now offers a suite of training

                                                                               courses for the Irish Licensed Trade.

The bartender’s role can be very challenging. Pleasing the customer and obeying the law can be challenging! It is critical that bar staff understand the effects of alcohol -  so that they know when people are running into trouble and can head off problems before they happen.


With raised awareness of the potential problems associated with alcohol among those that serve it we move closer to a time when we as a nation can develop a more healthy relationship with alcohol, limit harms and enjoy its consumption in moderation or at least with a better understanding of potential risks.

Download your official Alcohol Policy here
bar policy image
Bar and Restaurant  Alcohol Policy

This is a general alcohol policy that should be displayed at all areas of service

Hotels Alcohol Policy image

This is a general alcohol policy for hotel bars, it includes some guidelines for restaurants

Events Alcohol Policy image
Room Service Policy image

This policy should be shown to anyone booking an event, it outlines the alcohol policy for the venue

These rules are specific to 'room service' and should be included in menu / food & beverage information in bedrooms

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